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Faith releases confidence into the middle of impossible situations.

We only need to have the courage to wield our faith with grace and kindness, as we wait to bless and be blessed with perfect delight!

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Hand of Hope
Medical Missions
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Forgoing medical care in favor of a meal is a tough choice, but the only one Thomas and his wife can make.

Thankfully, the Hand of Hope Health Center has given Thomas medical care and a healthy life! To find out how, just click here!

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Outreach Testimonies:

Read about little lives transformed through the Hand of Hope feeding programs.
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Our days depend on how we start it in the morning! Joyce's table-top calendar will help you in Starting Your Day Right!

Joyce's book The Confident Mom will help mothers receive the peace and comfort they require every day! Go to our eStore for all our products!

Everyday Answers
Everyday Answers

Being alone can be a comfort, but loneliness can lead to depression. Turn loneliness into compassion and joy will follow.

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Asia Info

Asia is a single continent but each of its different 'parts' are significant and different from the other

Be it in language, culture, or economic status, people of the different countries in Asia undergo their own struggles. This is the story of Hand of Hope in Asia.

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Joyce's Teaching Notes
When chaos crashes into our lives and God seems silent. Take heart! He is working to rebuild you in a new way!

Encouragement in Difficult Times
Do doubt and fear come against you? Don't waiver or be discouraged! God is in control.

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