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Christ sets us free from self-rejection and doubt. When we trust Him, He releases us into His Spirit.

His Word has the power to free you from who you are into who he wants you to be. Let the power of His living Word flow into your life today!

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Hand of Hope
Embrace A Village
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The parched land of a small village is hot and lacks water.

Without water to drink, the men, women and children struggled all day and night.

But Hand of Hope arrived in the village to drill a well for the people. Read more!

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Read heart-to-heart stories of lives touched by Joyce Meyer Ministries. Your story is important too, share it with us!

Outreach Testimonies:

Read about little lives transformed through the Hand of Hope feeding programs.
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Put your full trust in God and believe and apply His promises. He will give you what you need In Him!

In Trusting God Day by Day, Joyce Meyer helps you draw closer to God and learn to trust Him completely.

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Everyday Answers
Everyday Answers

Selfishness and love cannot truly exist together. Sacrifice selfishness and let God fill your heart with love!

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We care for your needs! Please send us your prayer requests.

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Read an inspirational word from God every morning! read more.
Everyday Moments
In a hurry? Listen to Joyce's one minute audio devotional!

Joyce Meyer preached the Good News to the people of Indonesia in January 2013!

Darlene Zschech and Sidney Mohede created an atmosphere of praise & worship while Joyce's teachings blessed all!

To watch the video of the conference, click here!

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Teaching Notes
Joyce's Teaching Notes
We find it hard to be strong when our hopes die. Trust God to bring them back to life at the right time!

Encouragement in Difficult Times
Do doubt and fear come against you? Don't waiver or be discouraged! God is in control.

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