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Hearing From God Each Morning

Catching Anything?

Jesus said to them, Boys (children), You do not have any meat (fish), do you? [Have you caught anything to eat along with your bread?](JOHN 21:5)

John 21 tells the story of the disciples who fished all night long, but caught nothing. Have you ever felt like you were doing all you knew to do and still not getting a good result? If so, then you know how they must have felt.

Jesus showed up and called to them from the beach and asked if they had caught anything. They said no. He told them to cast their nets on the right side of the boat and they would find fish. They cast, and they had so many fish they could not even haul in the net. This story is an example of what happens when we follow Godís will, compared to what happens when we follow our own will.

When Jesus questioned them, He was basically saying, ďAre you doing any good at what you are -trying to do?Ē That is a question we might ask ourselves when we have no fruit to show for all the effort we put into the projects we are working on.

When we ďfishĒ outside the will of God, itís equivalent to fishing on the wrong side of the boat. Sometimes we struggle, strive, work, and strain, trying to make something great happen. We try to change things, people, or ourselves. We try to get more money or a higher position at work. We can work and work in all these ways and still have nothing to show for our efforts except being worn out.

Have you caught anything lately? Have you accomplished anything besides being worn out? If not, maybe youíve been fishing on the wrong side of the boat.

Godís word for you today: If you ask for Godís help and listen for His voice, He will tell you where to throw your net.


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