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Hand of Hope Medical Camp
 at Solipuram

Solipuram is situated 98 Kms away from the city of Hyderabad in a district called Jangaon. It is a small fertile village with a population of 500 families whose prime occupation is farming. Nearly 90% of the villagers are illiterate while the rest drop out of school due to intense poverty. The village is so under developed to the extent that most of the homes lack even the basic sanitation. The village consists of a majority of ardent Hindus and a scant number of Christians who attend a small Baptist Church.

People of all ages packed the Prathamika Phadasala School. It is the only school in the village on 6th June 2008, 11:00 am and gave the JMM Medical Team a warm welcome. The camp commenced with a short opening ceremony, which was graced by Mr. Nagapuri Rajalingam, Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) and Dr. Vaishali Muralikrishna, an important member of the local political ruling party. On behalf of the ruling Congress party, Mr. Nagapuri expressed his joy in being a part of the JMM Medical Camp and then said, “Joyce Meyer is not only sharing important practical truths on television, but also lives up to her teaching. It is amazing to hear how she is serving millions of poor across the world. Solipuram is deeply grateful to the Joyce Meyer Ministries.” He also added that he has been personally blessed through Joyce Meyer’s television programs. Following Mr. Rajalingam’s address, Dr. Vishali also addressed the crowd saying, “Though Joyce Meyer is a native of America, her heart has gone out for the people of India. Her love and service for the poor is commendable. I am privileged to be a part of this camp.”

The registration started immediately after the opening ceremony. Our medical team consisted of four doctors, one dentist, two optometrists and a laboratory technician. Each patient was systematically directed to the respective medical personnel depending on the kind of check-up they required. They conducted general check ups, including matters related to ENT, gynecology, dental and pediatric care. Even the Mobile Medical Clinic was present to provide quality medical treatment. Several important tests such as HIV, Hb, VDRL, blood sugar and urine albumin were conducted inside the Mobile Medical Laboratory in order to help diagnose the villagers ailments. 

While the villagers were waiting for their exam with medical professionals, the Hand of Hope team conducted an AIDS awareness program. This program explained the cause, the consequence and the prevention of AIDS through videos and colorful tracts.

The following are the Solipuram Medical Camp statistics:










With the next nearest hospital being 20 Kms away and the medical expenses being unaffordable, this camp was a great encouragement to all those who attended, giving them physical comfort and peace of mind.

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