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Faith in Times of Fear

Is there a life without suffering and loneliness? What am I? Is there a purpose to life?

Vinay never seriously considered the answers to these questions. However, when Joyce Meyer's programs on the Zee Marathi channel, answered these questions, he was interested.

After this he became a regular viewer of her programs.

When his 22 year old daughter Meena came to him complaining of a painful heat boil on her neck, they waited for it to subside on its own.

As the pain became unbearable they decided to go to the doctor and were informed that it was a tumor possibly malignant. Faced with the idea of surgery, they were distressed.

Worried and upset, 62 year old Vinay called the Joyce Meyer Counselling Center and unburdened his heart.

The counsellor who spoke to him comforted him, prayed with him and told him to believe God would heal his daughter. As days went by, his faith increased and his fear had gone.

After a few days he called and told the counsellor excitedly that the pain in Meena's neck had stopped and the tumor had vanished. The doctor was astonished at her recovery without medical intervention.

Vinay believes firmly that only God could have healed his daughter in such a miraculous way. He and the counselor are both grateful for the healing and blessing in Vinay and his daughter's life.

Joyce Meyer Ministries has a heart of dedication to guide any individual through prayer. If this is you, please call us on our toll free number 1800 3454 007.


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