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Daily Devotions

Understand Grace, Walk in Faith

For it is by free grace (Godís unmerited favor) that you are saved (delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christís salvation) through [your] faithÖ óEphesians 2:8

Most of us are aware that it is by grace that we are saved, but I wonder how many people truly understand the power of Godís grace.

Everything we receive from God must come by grace through faith. So when you understand grace, you can walk in faith and receive Godís blessings.

Godís grace isnít complicated or confusing. It is simple, and thatís why many people miss it. There is nothing more powerful than grace. Everything in the Bibleósalvation, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, fellowship with God and all victory in our daily livesóis based on it. Without grace, we are nothing, we have nothing, we can do nothing.

Today, donít just hear about grace, but understand that everything in our lives depends not on our merits or abilities or works, but on Godís willingness to use His infinite power to meet our needs. This is grace.

Focus on that truth today and watch your faith grow.

Prayer Starter: God, I donít just want to hear about Your grace without grasping its real power. Help me to understand how wonderful Your grace is so that my faith in You can grow.


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