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Hearing From God Each Morning

Take Time, Make Time

Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God. (JOB 37:14)

I have heard numerous people say, ďGod never talks to me.Ē But I am convinced it is more likely that they never listen to Him, donít know how to hear from Him, or have become desensitized to His voice. God makes many attempts to speak to us through His Word, natural signs, supernatural revelation, and internal confirmation, all of which I have written about in this devotional.

Sometimes we think we cannot hear Godís voice because there are certain obstacles in our hearts or in our lives that prevent us from hearing Him clearly. One of these things is simply being too busy. We get so busy that we have no time to wait on God or listen to His voice. We can even become so busy with spiritual activities, such as church or ministering to others, that we donít have a place in our schedules for God. I can remember a time when I was working so hard for God that I had no time to spend with Him; this happens to a lot of people.

What we do for God should always be secondary to our personal relationship with Him. Time is ours to do with as we please so we should choose what we do with it wisely. Every person has the same amount of it daily and once it is used we cannot get it back. Work your schedule around God instead of trying to work Him into it.

Godís word for you today: Use your time wisely because once you spend it, you can never get it back.


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