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Hearing From God Each Morning

Anytime, Anywhere

Be unceasing in prayer. (1 THESSALONIANS 5:17)

We can pray anytime, anywhere. Our instructions are to “pray at all times, on every occasion, in every season” and to “be unceasing in prayer,” but we know that we cannot spend all day long in a corner talking and listening to God. If we did, we could not live our lives. Prayer needs to be like breathing—regular, easy—and we need to just pray our way through life as part of the way we live. In fact, just as our physical lives are sustained by breathing, our spiritual lives should be maintained by praying. We can pray out loud or we can pray silently. We can pray sitting down, standing up, or walking. We can talk and listen to God while we are moving or while we are being still. We can pray while we are shopping, waiting for an appointment, participating in a business meeting, doing household chores, driving, or taking a shower. We can pray things like, “Thank You, Lord, for everything You’re doing,” or “God, I need You to help me,” or “Oh, Jesus, help that lady over there who looks so sad.” Actually, this approach to prayer is God’s will. Satan wants us to procrastinate, hoping we will forget to pray. I encourage you to pray right away when something comes to your heart. This will help you stay close to God all day.

God’s word for you today: Make a habit of constant communication with God.


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