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Hearing From God Each Morning

The Holy Spirit Cares About Relationships

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God [do not offend or vex or sadden Him], by Whom you were sealed (marked, branded as Godís own, secured) for the day of redemption. (EPHESIANS 4:30)

Todayís Scripture, in the context of the verses surrounding it, teaches us that the way we handle relationships is important to God. Handling them badly is one way we grieve the Holy Spirit.

Many times we develop a habit of mistreating those close to us, especially when we donít feel well; didnít get enough sleep; have had a rough day, received bad news, or suffered a disappointment. But God wants us to treat one another well all the time, not only when we feel like doing so.

I used to ask myself why I acted badly with my husband or children, but not with other people. The Holy Spirit quickly showed me that I controlled my negative emotions and attitudes when I was around people I wanted to impress. But when I was with my own family, with whom I already had relationships, I took liberties that clearly showed my character flaws and spiritual immaturity. I had myself convinced that I really could not help myself, that when I became grouchy or difficult, I simply could not discipline myself. I felt so frustrated it seemed I just had to explode.

When I became upset over financial struggles, something at work, or some insignificant matter at home, I took my frustration out on my family. Most of the time I was angry and treated them badly because of something unresolved within me, not because of what had happened. God helped me to face truth and thankfully I have been set free.

Relationships are some of our greatest assets, and God wants us to value them. The Holy Spirit will help us handle our frustrations properly if we go to Him with an open heart, ready to face whatever truth He shows us.

Godís word for you today: Donít make other people pay for your internal frustrations.


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