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Hearing From God Each Morning

What Are You Expecting?

The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly for Him, to those who seek Him. (LAMENTATIONS 3:25)

After we pray and ask God for what we want, need, or desire, we should wait expectantly. We must be full of hope, which is joyful and confident expectation of something good happening. After years of being disappointed in my childhood and early adult years, I developed what the Bible calls evil forebodings (see Proverbs 15:15). That means I was expecting bad news most of the time. I believe many people are caught in the trap of being afraid to expect something good because they do not want to be disappointed again. God wants everyone to aggressively expect good things from Him because He is good.

Donít be passive either. A passive person is someone who wants good things to happen and they are going to do nothing but wait to see what happens. Although the verse for today does tell us to wait, it says to wait expectantly. I like to confess Scriptures aloud while I am waiting on God to work in my behalf. They remind me of His promises, and they keep me encouraged. Godís Word is filled with creative power and, when spoken in faith, it is equal to sowing seed that will bring a harvest.

If you have prayed and find yourself waiting longer than you had planned for an answer, thank God that He is working when you are tempted to be impatient. Tell God what you are expecting and look forward to your breakthrough. Donít fall into the trap of complaining and murmuring while you wait either. Be joyfully confident that your answer is on the way.

Godís word for you today: Donít get discouraged. God is working and you will see the results soon.


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