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Hearing From God Each Morning

Sometimes You Just Stand

All Judah stood before the Lord, with their children and their wives. (2 CHRONICLES 20:13)

I especially like the verse for today and the fact that an entire nation stood still before God. You see, in God’s economy, standing still in faith is action. It isn’t physical action, of course; it is spiritual action. Often in our lives, we take action naturally and do little or nothing spiritually. But when we discipline ourselves to be still and wait on the Lord, we are engaging in powerful spiritual activity. Our willingness to be still says to the Lord, “I am going to wait on You until You do something about this situation. In the meantime, I am going to be peaceful and enjoy my life while I wait on You.”

The people of Judah, who stood still before God, had every reason to try to do something—anything other than standing still. Faced with an overwhelming force descending on them and threatening to destroy their land and enslave them, they must have been tempted to revolt or at least defend themselves. But they didn’t. They simply stood still, waiting on God, and He miraculously delivered them.

Waiting on God brings strength (see Isaiah 40:31). We may need the strength we gain while waiting in order to do what God will instruct us to do when He gives us direction. Those who wait on the Lord hear His voice, receive answers, get direction, and gain strength to obey what He speaks to them.

God’s word for you today: Standing still before the Lord is faith in action.


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